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Off-Campus Housing: Why It's Worth It

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Student accommodation or housing is vital because it helps young individuals master living independently and relating with others. The former is essential because, according to experts, people living alone have the opportunity to explore themselves and learn to be comfortable in their skin. It also allows students to be in control of their decisions, embrace life lightheartedly, and share living spaces on their terms. If you joined college recently, or plan to soon, and want to enjoy most of the advantages listed above, consider off-campus student housing. Keep reading for more.

Fundamentals of Off-Campus Student Housing

Off-campus housing refers to commercial apartments, fraternities, sororities, rental houses, and other accommodation solutions located close to school grounds rather than on them. They are a favorite for junior and senior students.  However, nowadays, new enrollees that are uncomfortable with university housing choose them from the beginning. Most off-campus housing facilities are owned by independent individuals and organizations, not university bodies. They also contain different amenities like laundry facilities, reliable internet access, and hot tubs, some of which are unavailable in on-campus accommodations.

Reasons to Choose Off-Campus Student Housing

Living off-campus is advisable because of the following.

1.       It helps you develop essential life skills

Life off-campus comes with one enormous feature: responsibility. Although some students prefer shunning that and taking the easier route, i.e., on-campus housing, learning to be responsible earlier in life is important because it fuels academic, career, and societal success. It also helps you avoid becoming a chronic complainer and discover creative solutions for numerous life challenges. Pick off-campus housing if you want to gain all these and much more. That will inject several responsibilities that'll make you a better person. These include budgeting your finances well enough to cater to utility bills, groceries, and rent, among other expenses. Renting outside campus means you also get to troubleshoot and arrange repairs in your apartment, a skill that will prove indispensable when you transition to homeownership later in life.

2.       Off-campus facilities have better studying areas

Most student halls are unbearably noisy because they house many people constantly coming and going, chatting in the corridors and hallways, playing music, etc. Excessive noise shouldn't be an option if you plan to study hard and pass with flying colors. That is so because if you are an introvert, it may distract you and hamper progress by diverting the mental resources responsible for problem-solving and memory recall. Fortunately, most private off-campus accommodations are quieter and contain fewer distractive elements. You can choose between living alone and picking a roommate to share your living space. All that aids studying because, first, the absence of ambient noise enables your brain to process information fast. In addition, the ability to select a roommate ensures you end up with someone who can motivate and encourage you to pursue excellence.

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