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Buying A Waterfront Condo: What You're Looking For

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Waterfront condos for sale can be a great investment because they create a beautiful place to live as well as an ideal vacation home. You can use a waterfront condo as your full-time residence or have this space for impromptu trips and private getaways.

Before looking at any waterfront condos on the market, you should make sure you're investing in your real estate future wisely. Here are things you should look for in a waterfront condo, regardless of what you want the condo for.

Location/proximity to water

A waterfront condo should have a prime location with easy access to local attractions, namely the water. Simply having a view of the water or being located on the beach can make a condo waterfront, so make sure the property you choose has a dock for private or building use, easy walking paths to the water, and excellent parking for the best use of the ocean.

Waterfront condos for sale that feature decks or verandahs that face out to the ocean are the most desirable since you want to be able to enjoy the water whenever you wish. A private patio is best, but a general patio that goes the length of the condominium building can be ideal as well.

Water protection

A building located close to or on the water will show signs of deterioration over time, and soil erosion or other issues can become a problem over time. If you buy waterfront condos, then you take the risk of flooding or erosion, but you can reduce this risk by looking at waterfront condos for sale that have retaining walls, buildings high above the water level, or condos built on stilts to keep water protection key throughout the year.

Freedom for dwelling

If you live in a condo, you own the building but you don't get your own private property, in many cases. You may have restrictions regarding pets or using the property as vacation housing, which may be a common concern with waterfront condos in tourist-type areas. If you want to use your condo freely, discuss your concerns about condo restrictions with your real estate agent before looking at properties.

Choose a budget before looking at any waterfront condos for sale, as these properties can be pricier than land-based competition simply due to location and proximity to water. Your real estate agent will help you find the best condo for your needs so you can feel confident in your choice.