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5 Traits That Define a Luxury Neighborhood

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If you want to purchase a luxury home in  a luxury neighborhood, where all the houses are top of the market, there are a few neighborhoods features you need to watch out for. These traits can make a neighborhood stand out above others in the area, and add value to your home. 

#1: Ideal Location

First, a luxury neighborhood is going to be located in a prime location. What exactly is a prime location will vary from one area to the next. Perhaps the neighborhood is located near an upscale mall. Or maybe the property is located in a famous zip code or area, such as 5th Avenue or Beverly Hills. Or maybe the neighborhood is located up against a large park. A luxury neighborhood will have a location that sets it apart from other neighborhoods in the area.

#2: Excellent Views

Second, many luxury neighborhoods have what are considered excellent views. Perhaps the home has a view of the downtown area. Or maybe the homes all have a view of a beautiful lake or mountain. A beautiful city or rural view is generally all that is needed to increase the value of a neighborhood. Great views are worth paying for. 

#3: Access to Privacy

Third, most luxury neighborhoods also afford the people living there some degree of privacy. Perhaps the neighborhood is located inside a gated community, limiting who has access to the community. Or perhaps all the homes are set back from the street and have lush landscaping that allows for privacy. All the homes will have some feature that allows the residents to enjoy their luxury homes in privacy, without feeling like their space is invaded. 

#4: Exclusive Architecture

Third, many luxury neighborhoods have architecture that sets the neighborhood apart from other areas in that city. The homes in the area may be designed by well-known architects or designed in a specific way. Generally, there has to be something about the construction of the home that sets it apart as well.

#5: Prestigious Associations

Finally, many luxury neighborhoods have some sort of prestigious associations. Perhaps someone famous lives in the neighborhood or once lived in the neighborhood. Or maybe the home is associated with a country club or a golf course.

Luxury homes are often located in a luxury neighborhoods. Things such as the location, excellent views, access to privacy, exclusive architecture, and prestigious associations can turn a regular neighborhood into a luxury one. To learn more about luxury homes, contact a real estate agent near you.