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5 Ways A Real Estate Agent Provides Practical Help For Buyers

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Most home buyers know that they do well to hire a real estate agent. But what sort of practical help does a good agent really provide? Here are a few practical ways that your agent will take some of the burdens off of you.

1. They'll Rule Out Properties. By getting to know your particular interests and goals, an agent will work to avoid wasting your time on homes that won't work for you. This means less time you must invest to achieve the same goal.  

2. They Help Get You Approved. Real estate agents are intimately familiar with the mortgage loan approval process. They will, then, be a great ally in meeting challenges involving your approval. From knowing the right lenders to work with to how to meet paperwork requirements in unusual financial situations, your agent's goal is to help you get it done. 

3. They Translate Your Needs. Whether you know exactly what you want in a home or have only a vague idea, your agent will help you nail down your goals and needs in practical terms. If you want to live in a kid-friendly area, your agent will turn that request into actual neighborhood suggestions. If you have a home business, your agent will find out more about your operations and bring you options for various ways to make it work in different settings. 

4. They'll Go Over the Inspection. The home inspection is one key part of knowing how to negotiate for the right price. And your agent is a resource to go over what's found during the inspection. They may attend the inspection or talk to the inspector personally. In addition, the agent knows what to look for in the report that may have a bearing on negotiations with the seller. 

5. They Are a Negotiation Partner. Are you timid about negotiation? Negotiating a home sale can be intimidating. You don't want to leave money on the table, but you also don't want to lose the home — particularly in a tight market. An experienced real estate agent has negotiated many sales, so they know how to value the home realistically, when to insist on key elements, and what may tip the scales in your favor. They will provide this expertise on your behalf.  

Could you use help in any of these practical areas? No matter what you need to turn your buying dreams into actual reality, a good real estate agent is your best ally. Learn more about how they can be there for you by meeting with a qualified agent in your area today.