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4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Home Near a Golf Course

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When you purchase a home right next to a golf course, you will be purchasing a unique piece of property. Your property will back up onto a business, which means you need to think about the following ways the business (i.e., the golf course) will impact your buying choices.

#1: Mowing

Golf courses look beautiful and maintain that beauty; they are mowed on a regular, often daily basis, especially during the spring and summer months. That means that you need to be okay with the sound of a lawnmower running early in the morning. If you are a light sleeper, you should look for a home located on a long fairway near an area that doesn't need the same daily mowing level—for example, a house near the tree line. You should also look for a home where the master bedroom is not positioned facing the course, but away from it, to reduce mowing sounds.

#2: Cart Paths

When you are looking at a home in a golf community, pay attention to where the cart path is located. If there is a cart path directly behind your home, be sure to think about what that means. Golf carts will regularly drive down the path throughout the day. If you are okay with that type of an environment, purchase the home.

If you don't want to be near a cart path, look for a home further away. Or see if you can add landscaping, such as shrubs, between your home and the cart path. If you purchase a two-story house, you can both block out the noise and still enjoy a view of the golf course.

#3: Greens and Tee Boxes

Next, you need to consider where the greens and tee boxes are on the course and in relation to the house you want to purchase. People will gather and chat at these locations, so make sure you are okay with the sound that generates. If you are not, look for a home positioned further away from the greens and tee boxes.

#4: HOA Guidelines

With a golf course home, you are more than likely purchasing a house regulated by a homeowner's association (HOA). Be sure to ask for and read the guidelines, and make sure you are comfortable following these guidelines before going through with the house purchase. The HOA guidelines may be very specific with the exterior changes and landscaping you can do to your home.

When it comes to purchasing a home on a golf course, you need to carefully consider how the mowing, cart paths, greens, and tee boxes will impact the experience of living in your home and enjoying the view of a golf course in your backyard. Be sure to choose a house with a location that gives you the golf course experience you desire. You may want to ask to sit out on the porch a few times throughout the day to ensure you like the course traffic and noise before putting in an offer. To learn more, contact real estate agencies that can help you find a golf course home.