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Getting Divorced? 3 Ways Your Real Estate Agent Can Help

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During COVID-19, most people had plenty of time to think about whether or not they wanted to stay in their marriages. While the pandemic was a struggle for everyone, it brought clarity to some couples, and divorce may be on the table. While it can be pretty intimidating to think about transitioning into a life as a single person, your real estate agent could help in these three ways. 

1. Get Top Dollar for Your Property

When you get divorced, you will be faced with dividing assets. If you don't want to continue living in the house you called home as a family, you may need to get top dollar out of the home. A great real estate agent will understand how to stage, photograph, and market the property, making it easy to attract multiple buyers and the right offer. When you get more for your listing, you will have more to split, which can decrease your stress levels. 

2. Introduce You To Great Builders

Over the years, real estate agents help lots of different people work with builders. After a while, experienced agents develop relationships with builders, which makes it easy for them to help new buyers down the road find the perfect builder for their budget, vision, and future plans. If you want to build a place from the ground up with a builder, talk with your agent about different builders in the area and your personal budget. 

3. Create A More Flexible Plan that Fits Your Needs

Sometimes, people aren't in a position to purchase a home right after they file for divorce. Since every single person is different, you may need to rent for awhile to get on your feet, save for a down payment, and then work towards home ownership again. 

One of the best things about working with an experienced real estate agent it the fact that they can create a flexible plan that meets your needs. From helping you to find a great apartment to working with you to determine what your budget may be in a few months, you can get on your feet and understand your housing options. 

While it can be intimidating to open up to someone to chat about your financial future, it's important to be honest about your housing and budget situation with your real estate agent. Talk with your agent about what you are looking for, sit down with a mortgage broker, and try to stay open-minded when you see new properties. Look for a professional who provides real estate services to learn more.