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Have This In Place Before Searching For Your Next Office Space

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Your business is taking off by leaps and bounds! The good news is, you're expanding and you need a ground zero for employees and customers to come together. The unfortunate side is that you don't have a space and you need one quickly. So where do you turn? A good first contact would be a reliable real estate pro who can work with you. Here are some things to have in place before you make that call. 

Take a Close Look at Your Budget

Everything starts with a solid budget. This includes mapping out what your expenses are and what you can really afford. Begin with a good business plan. This will outline your entire business and what trajectory you expect it to take over the next year to five years. There are certain ways funds will need to be distributed so you can stay on track moving forward. Part of this will be how much you can afford with your office space leasing and what it will be used for. This is an investment in your future, but you still need to make sure you can stay afloat during setbacks and slow seasons. 

A Location In Mind

Before contacting a realtor to check out an office space rental, be sure to have a specific location in mind. Do you want something in the business district or more of an industrial area? What cities are you interested in looking at? How much square footage do you need inside? Do you need a loading area and big parking lot? Keeping your options a little open may help you find a better rate when it comes to your rental space. Knowing this information going forward will make the search process easier for your realtor. 

List of Must-Haves

While there may be several rentals in your price range, not every space will be able to accommodate your business needs. Are you looking for individual office space or a large open one? A warehouse or a manufacturing area? Are you wanting to just rent or rent-to-own? This could have an impact on the terms of the lease, too. All of these are important things that your real estate agent should know. Because of ordinances and city codes, you'll need to be in a building that is suitable for the type of business you run and the size of the team that operates out of it.     

Finding the perfect office space is more than just looking for something that appeals to the eye. There are multiple things to consider behind your initial offer. Working with a competent agent that will go the extra mile for you is the best way to go.       

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