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Finding The Perfect Pet-Friendly Home For The Family

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Are you a pet-loving family in search of a new home? When searching for the perfect single-family home, you'll have more to look into than the schools in the area – you'll need to keep the pets that your family loves in mind as you search for the house that your family will make your home. Here, you'll find a few things to consider as you search for the perfect pet-friendly family home that your family will enjoy for the next several years.

Home Interior                                    

Pets can be hard on the interior of the home – flooring can get destroyed, doors chewed and drywall gouged. As you search through the long list of available homes, keep these things in mind. Is your dog used to having a space of his own, or does he run free through the home when you're not there? Will you try to confine the dog to a single space when you're not at home so that the new home doesn't get damaged?

Having a pet-friendly space in the home in which you can keep the pets contained when they're not getting the attention that they need will help save you a lot of anguish over the years. So, think about looking for a home that has a secure room – a laundry room, extra bedroom that you can transform into a pet room, an unfinished area of the basement – anywhere that you won't have to worry about expensive building materials from getting damaged when you're not looking.


Not all neighborhoods are welcoming to dogs. Before you fall in love with a home, look into local laws and the HOA regulations regarding pets. There may be a list of breeds that are not welcomed to the area. This is especially important if your dog is a breed that doesn't have a good rep – even if your dog is the best behaved, most loving creature on the face of the earth, if he is on that list, you will have a hard time getting him approved for the area and could end up paying fines and having to rehome him if you try.

Play Area

Dogs need a large area to stretch their legs. If the home doesn't have a yard large enough for the dog to run around, look around the area to find pet parks that allow off-leash play.

Your pets are a part of your family, so you'll have to consider their needs as you search for the family home. Hopefully, the above information will assist you in finding the perfect home for all of your family – furry and human.