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Steps To Take To List Your Home For Sale

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Do you have an appointment scheduled with a real estate agent to gain more information about selling your home? When you meet with an agent for the first time, he or she will answer your questions, give you advice, and teach you about the steps needed to sell a home. If you decide to hire the agent, here are the steps you will have to take to list your home for sale.

Discuss the Current Market

The agent that comes to your home will discuss the current market with you in a way that you understand what to expect. You should expect to hear that the market is either busy right now or slow. If it is busy, it means that homes sell quickly. If it is slow, homes may take longer to sell.

Talk About the Asking Price

While talking about the market conditions, the agent will also talk to you about the asking price of your home. Based on the experience the agent has, he or she will give you a price range for a suggested asking price. For example, the agent might say that your home will likely sell between $180,000 to $200,000. You should consider choosing an asking price that falls between these two amounts, but you are free to choose a price outside of this if you want.

Complete the Listing Agreement

The next step involves filling out the listing agreement. A listing agreement is a contract you make with the agent. The agreement contains facts about your home and about the deal. It states the commission rate you will pay when you sell the house, and it tells you the length of the contract.

Fill Out a Disclosure Form

During this time, the agent will also present you with a disclosure form that you will need to fill out. A disclosure form is something that buyers will ask to see when viewing your home. It contains details about the age of the home, the issues it has, and the types of systems it contains.

Schedule a Professional Photographer

Once you complete the paperwork, the agent will hire a professional photographer. The photographer will come to your house to take pictures of it, and the agent will use these photos for marketing the home.

There is also a chance the agent might recommend making some changes to your home before listing it and trying to sell it. You can take the suggestions and follow through with them or skip them. To list your home, talk to a real estate agent today.