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Selling Your Home? 3 Things You Should Tell Your Real Estate Agent

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Listing your home for sale can be incredibly exciting, especially considering that you may be looking for a new house. However, there are several different factors to consider when it comes time to sell a home, and being open and honest with your real estate agent is essential. Here are three things you should tell your real estate agent when you go to market. 

1. Improvements You've Made to the House

During the marketing process, your real estate agent will need to show your property in the best light possible. To do this, they need all of the information possible, so make sure to talk with them about everything you have done to the home. 

Talk about changes you have made to the interior and exterior of the house, including changes to landscaping, interior layout, plumbing, and electrical. If you have added any space to the house, make sure to talk about those changes and explain what the differences have meant to you and your family. By having these details, real estate agents can talk with buyers to explain how things have evolved. 

2. Issues You Have Handled

Talk with your real estate agent about any problems you have had with the property, including issues with water damage, mold accumulation, or pest control problems. Explain what was done to resolve these issues, and offer any paperwork you have showing service call dates or treatments performed. 

This paperwork will help new buyers to feel more confident in your home since they will be going out on a limb purchasing a property that has had issues in the past. The more documentation and paperwork you have showing that you took care of the problem, the better. 

3. What You Need Out Of the Property

Before you set a sales price, think carefully about how much money you need to get out of the property. Think about what you have invested, how much you put down when you initially purchased the home, and how much money you want to put down on a new home. By knowing your facts and figures, you can ensure that the listing price is strong the first time. 

When you are in the midst of a house hunt, don't hesitate to be choosy about where you live. In addition to dictating which neighborhood you will enjoy for many years to come, it could also play a big role in the resale value of your home and your net worth. Talk with your real estate agent to understand the bigger picture and to start narrowing down the search. 

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