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Looking For A Dog-Friendly Apartment? Examine The Community, Too

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When looking for an apartment to live in with your pet, you probably look for features like hard floors, a big sink, and a spacious living room. These features are all important, but you should really be paying attention to the community surrounding the apartment, too. Here are some features you want to see in a community that's dog-friendly.

1. Walkable sidewalks

Can you feasibly take your dog for a walk on the streets surrounding the apartment? If there are no sidewalks, that is a definite red flag. If the sidewalks are poorly cared for, that is another bad sign. Exercise is really important for dogs, and when you live in an apartment, a lot of that exercise will come in the form of walks, so you really want to make sure there are smooth, abundant sidewalks and safe streets to walk on.

2. A dog park

Sometimes your dog will want a little off-leash time to explore on their own. Check to see where the nearest dog park is. Some dog-friendly apartment communities have their own dog parks for community members only, which is really nice since it keeps traffic under control. A public dog park a mile or two away can be nice, too, though.

3. Other pet owners nearby

You don't really want to be the only one on the block with a dog. People who also have dogs will be more understanding when your own dog happens to make noise, tries to smell them, and so forth. Just because an apartment community accepts dogs does not mean that a lot of the residents actually have them. So visit the community at a prime dog-walking time, such as right after work around 5 pm, and see how many other dogs you actually spot.

4. Groomer and pet shop access

This is less important if you have a car, but vital if you rely on public transportation or a bike to get around. If your dog needs grooming, is there a groomer within a reasonable distance — or at least a self-grooming facility you can use? Is there a pet store where you can buy your dog's food and other essentials? Even with a car, you don't want to be a 30-minute drive from the nearest grooming shop.

Look for these amenities in a community, and you'll find an apartment that is better suited to your needs as a dog owner. For more information, contact an apartment building that has pet-friendly apartment leases.