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Help Your Son Find Off-Campus Housing

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When your son was a new college student, you probably were reassured by the fact that he was provided with on campus housing. Now that he is getting ready to move into the last year of his college career, he may have decided that he would like to reside in a student apartment that is separate from the college campus. Help your son locate adequate housing that he will be satisfied with.

Learn the Area

If you haven't spent a lot of time near the college, drive through the neighborhoods that surround it and try to get a feel of what type of layout is present and the venues or places of interest that are located nearby. Many college towns possess a rich cultural history, which may include exhibits, physical landmarks, and other points of interest that citizens and visitors can enjoy.

Speak to a real estate agent about the type of dwelling that you would like to locate for your son. Inquire about student housing, which caters to the college crowd and that could potentially be more affordable than other rentals that are within the region.

If your child is active in sports or has an interest in historical events, you may want to find an apartment that is within close proximity to what the town has to offer. Take your loved one's transportation needs into account, so that you pick an apartment that is conveniently located to the college and that will not put your son at risk of being late for class or not being able to fulfill his daily schedule.

Share the Information and Visit Places Together

Your son may not be receptive to your input about his housing, especially if you look for housing without him. Share your thoughts with your child and provide him with any information that you receive from a real estate agent. If you will be helping pay rent, it is your right to be present for each viewing.

Additionally, your son should be able to view various properties and decide which one is right for his needs. Set up a tour of each apartment during a convenient time for you and your son. If you are going to pay a large portion of the rent or security deposit, consider putting your name on the rental lease. Let your son know what you expect from him, concerning payments toward the rent or the care of the new rental unit.