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2 Tips for Staging Your Home for the Cocooner Crowd

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People these days are choosing to insulate themselves from the chaos in the world and hole up in their homes with only Netflix, Twitter, and takeout to keep them company. Although cocooning—the practice of arranging the home so there's little need to leave it—has been around for decades, experts have noticed an uptick in the trend as Millennials and newer generations choose their personal spaces over socializing. If you have a home to sell, here are two tips for enticing this crowd into making an offer.

Stage for Introverts

For cocooners, the home is a Fortress of Solitude where they can relax, focus on the things important to them, and tune out the rest of the world. So, when staging your home, emphasizing comfort and tranquility will be key to attracting the attention of the modern-day cocooner crowd.

The first place to start is the bedroom, the preferential place of leisure for many modern-day homebodies. A sumptuous bed with fluffy high-quality bedding should be the focal point, while a television should be strategically placed to provide entertainment or background noise as needed.

If there's enough space in the master bedroom, create a small sitting area the occupant can move to if/when they get bored of lying in bed all day. Additionally, paint the walls a soothing color—such as pale blue or green—to help facilitate the feeling of relaxation.

The kitchen is another area where homebodies spend a lot of time, so it should be staged to highlight the many conveniences it offers. For instance, show off the big pantry the potential homeowner can stock once and not worry about going grocery shopping again for a few weeks.

Lastly, show alternative uses for extra bedrooms. Stage one room to be a home office and another to be a home gym. This will emphasize how the person can fit all their lifestyle needs into the home and not have to worry about going out in public when they don't want or need to.

Show Off Local Delivery Services

Cocooners don't want to leave their homes for any reason, including getting food, which is why delivery services have risen in popularity over the years. When appealing to this crowd, it doesn't hurt to create a list of all the delivery options available in the area. For example, let them know if the local grocery store or restaurants provide home delivery services.

Don't get tunnel vision and only focus on food delivery, though. Include other convenient services, such as laundry pickup and drop off, pet walking, and even utility companies who accept payments online. Anything that lets the homebody stay at home should be added to the list.

Do you have a single-family home to sell? For more tips on appealing to the cocooning crowd or assistance with selling your home, contact a real estate agent.