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Selling a Vacant House? Common Mistakes Sellers Make and Tips for Avoiding Doing the Same

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When life deals out a surprise move, such as an unexpected job transfer or promotion, families often have to pack and relocate before they have an opportunity to sell their house. This often means that the house is left vacant during the time it is on the real estate market. While it can be more convenient for agents to show a vacant house, it can be much more difficult to ensure that it feels warm and appealing, especially when common seller mistakes are made. 

If you have already moved out of a home that is now being listed for sale, here are some critical mistakes you will want to try to avoid to attract maximum buyer interest and achieve a more successful selling experience. 

1. Keep temperatures comfortable

Families that have to move and find another place to rent or purchase before selling their original home may decide to winterize their former house or even disconnect some or all of the utilities to reduce costs. While this action can be appealing from a financial standpoint, it can cause showing the home to be much more difficult for agents and their prospective buyers. 

Viewing a home that is unheated in winter or not comfortably cool in summer will likely make buyers uncomfortable and cause them to leave quickly without really seeing all that the home has to offer. To avoid this type of problem without racking up high heating, cooling, and electricity costs, homeowners can install timers on lighting and use their adjustable thermostat to adjust the heating and cooling settings to comfortable levels when the home is likely to be shown and return it to more economical settings at night. 

2. Keep the interior light and welcoming

Drawing the drapes and closing the blinds is a common practice when vacating a home, but it can be a mistake to do so when the home is being offered for sale. Prospective buyers who enter a home that feels dark and dreary may quickly lose interest. Sellers who feel they cannot leave their blinds and curtains open for security reasons should consider installing window film or blinds that will allow light to penetrate while preventing those outside the home from seeing inside.  

3. Keep the interior and exterior clean and fresh

Vacant homes can also be more difficult to sell if they become dusty or stale smelling inside or when the lawn or exterior looks neglected. Sellers can avoid these problems by opting for regular lawn care and housekeeping services. 

The problems associated with selling a vacant house are most easily avoided if you choose to work closely with a real estate agent who can help you sell real estate.