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How to Choose Between a Studio and a One-Bedroom Apartment

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Are you interested in downsizing from the house you live in into a small apartment? If so, there are two main types to consider: a studio unit or a one-bedroom apartment. Of these two options, which is best for you? If you are not sure, here are several significant factors to consider as you make your decision.

The Number of People that Will Live There

First, who will live in this unit with you? Is it just you, or do you have another person? If it is just you, either option is good. If you plan to have someone live with you, though, having a one-bedroom unit is probably a better choice. With a one-bedroom, you can share the bedroom, or one of you can sleep in the living room. Two people fit much better in a one-bedroom apartment rather than a studio.

The Amount of Stuff You Want to Keep

Two, how much stuff will you bring from your current home to this apartment? If you have a lot of things you want to keep, having the extra space offered by a one-bedroom is a better choice. If you have very few things and do not value possessions, a studio might be satisfactory.

The Ways You Will Use the Apartment

Another factor to consider is how you plan on using the apartment. Do you plan to have guests over? If so, choose an apartment that has a bedroom. A studio unit will be too small for you if you want to entertain at your home.

The Amount of Privacy You Desire

If you plan on living alone, you will have plenty of privacy if you had a studio apartment, but a studio would not give you any privacy if you share the unit with another person. If you want privacy while you are home, an apartment that has a bedroom will offer this more than a studio.


The final factor to think about is costs. A one-bedroom unit will cost more than a studio unit, primarily because of the size. The rent rate depends on the size of the space they offer. You pay more for units with more space. You can compare prices if you are not sure which you can afford.

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