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Tips To Consider When Looking At Pool Homes For Sale

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If you love swimming for exercise or just love to float on the water and relax, then owning a home with a pool may be your dream. If you're looking at new homes, then searching for a home that already has a pool is a good idea so you can avoid the delay and bother of putting in a pool yourself. Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking at pool homes for sale.

Have A Pool Inspection

As part of the home-buying process, you'll have a home inspection done. While the inspector might do a basic check of your pool, it's usually a good idea to have a pool inspection done by a pool professional or a home inspector trained in pool inspections. You'll want to know the exact condition of the pool because you don't want to buy a pool that has a leak or other serious problem.

Consider Pool Orientation

The direction the pool faces determines how much sun the pool receives. Sun helps with solar heating, so you may want a pool that gets full sun most of the day. However, if you prefer a pool in shade so you can swim without worry over UV exposure, you may want a pool on the north side of your house.

Know The Style You Like

Think about how you use the pool. If you like lap swimming, you may prefer a rectangular pool. If you enjoy diving, you'll want a pool with a deep end. If you love backyard pools because of their beauty and you just enjoy lounging around a pool, you might want a lagoon pool with a free-form shape complete with waterfall and complementary landscaping. When you're looking at pool homes for sale, take along a checklist of things you want in a pool just like you have a checklist of things you want in the home.

Learn About Pools

If you've never lived with or owned a pool, then learn about pools before you buy one so you won't regret your decision. Plus, being informed helps you make a better choice. You might find you prefer a gunite pool over one made of fiberglass with a vinyl liner. Knowing details like this can help you narrow your search for the perfect pool home.

Notice Safety Features

Safety features are important for swimming pools. New pools are often required to have them, but older pools may not. You may need to add a fence around the pool or buy a safety cover for it. While these may not be major investments, it's nice to buy a pool that already has all the safety features local codes require and that are in place to protect your family from the day you move in.