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Buying A Single Family Home: FAQs About Bedrooms

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Shopping for a new home is exciting, and there are many things you will be looking at when you narrow down your choices. One of the most important attributes to most homebuyers is how many bedrooms a property has. Single-family homes are properties meant to house one family, and having a bedroom for each person is the general rule. Take a look at a few of the most common questions buyers tend to have about bedrooms in single-family homes. 

How many bedrooms do most single-family homes have?

Single-family homes can have any number of bedrooms, but the general bedroom number can vary depending on the age of the house. According to the National Association of Home Builders, since 2015, only about 10 percent of new single-family houses have two bedrooms or less. The majority of these homes, 43 percent, in fact, have at least three bedrooms, and as much as 11 percent of new houses will have five bedrooms or more. 

Why do modern-built homes have more bedrooms?

It really isn't related to people having more children; research shows that about 41 percent of mothers 40 to 44 years old have only two children. However, there are more instances of households having more people living within one home. For example, some people allow aging relatives to move in with them or have step-children that need rooms. Additionally, you can assume that more bedrooms are growing to be a preference because these extra rooms offer versatile space to use for things like a home office or a playroom for children. 

Is it wise to invest in a single-family home with more bedrooms than you need?

It really depends on your own personal preferences as to whether you get a home with more bedrooms than you really need. If you like having spare bedrooms for guests, for instance, it can be nice to have that extra space. Likewise, extra rooms are always good if your family may grow in the future. Keep in mind that every added bedroom is going to mean a higher price, which means a higher house payment. Also, more bedrooms can mean more space to heat and cool unless the home is outfitted with a zoned system. Having the extra bedrooms can give you flexible ways to use your new home, which can prove to be valuable for a lot of reasons. 

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