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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Commitment to Rent a Pet-Friendly Apartment

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If you're among the lucky people who share your home and life with a furry friend, you undoubtedly want your pet to have the best possible living environment. If you're in the market for a new apartment, you've probably got several pet-friendly complexes to choose from in your community. However, not all pet-friendly apartment buildings are the same. The following are five questions you need to learn the answers to before making a rental commitment to an apartment. 

Does the Apartment Complex Require Vaccinations?

Unvaccinated animals have the potential to spread disease. Although this shouldn't be a huge issue if your pet is current on its shots, it can affect puppies and kittens that haven't yet completed their cycle of shots. Puppies and kittens need three separate rounds of shots to be considered completely vaccinated. This also speaks to a larger standard of care — those who fail to get their pets vaccinated may be more likely to be lax in other ways as well.

Is There an Onsite Dog Park or One Close By?

An increasing number of apartment complexes are offering onsite dog parks for use by residents only. This provides your canine companion the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and get the exercise it needs. The next best thing is an offsite dog park within easy proximity. Many people find it too easy to put off going to the dog park if they've got to drive to it. 

Does the Complex Allow Pets to Roam Free?

Although it's rare to see dogs running free, many people still keep their cats outside. This practice has the potential to create all sorts of problems. Cats are very territorial and tend to fight when they feel as if their territory is threatened by other felines, so if the cats are fed outside, that may attract raccoons and other wildlife pests to the area. 

Does the Apartment Complex Require Spaying and Neutering?

Pets that aren't spayed or neutered may behave more aggressively in dog parks and other common areas than their spayed or neutered counterparts. In the case of cats that are allowed outdoors, it may also contribute to the development of sizeable feral cat populations. 

Is There Noticeable Pet Waste on the Grounds?

The only way to answer this question is to visit the complex and see for yourself. If you see noticeable pet waste on the grounds, that's an indication that resident pet owners may be inconsiderate of others.  

For more information, visit and compare various pet-friendly apartments.