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Three Tips For Keeping A Celebrity Pop-Up Shop Organized

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While it is rare for celebrities to own their own stores, it is common for them to own or merchandise products. Pop-up shops for celebrities are a more and more common event as they give fans the chance to purchase a product and meet their favorite celebrity. For these reasons, pop-up shops are incredibly popular and need more organization than a regular sale. If you are managing a celebrity pop-up shop, here are three tips for keeping things cool, calm, and collected. 

Have barriers with security

Security setup is your main worry when you are running a pop-up shop. The celebrity themselves will need security and security will need to be available at all store exits. Since you will want to monitor how many people are coming into the store at one time, set up barriers with security in the front. The barriers should be used to create a single-file line and should have a security guard in front. Have employees inside of the building communicate with the security guard via radio to allow customers in as others leave. 

Have a designated space for pictures

In order to keep people from walking around and videotaping the entire store or from causing traffic jams, have a space set up for photographs with the celebrity and products in a corner of the store. This will allow other customers to move around freely while shopping, and it will allow easier foot traffic for employees. Be sure to hang signs around the store noting where the picture area is and not to videotape throughout the stores. 

Be prepared to handle shrinkage on site

Big events with major celebrities will attract a lot of attention. This is the perfect place for those with sticky fingers to take things without notice. Make sure that the pop-up shop is being held in a space that has proper cameras that can monitor every area of the sales floor. Have security in the back monitoring the cameras at all times and immediately handle anyone who is attempting to take or steal items. In order to deter theft, it is also a good idea to keep the store only half stocked at all times. Keep the bulk of the items in a backroom and refill each fixture and product as it begins to run out. This will allow all fans the chance to purchase one of every product and cut down on possible loss of money due to shrinkage. 

Look for event security services to learn more.