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Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Real Estate Agent To Sell A House

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One of the most expensive things you will ever sell is your house, and because homes are so valuable, you should take your time when choosing the agent that will help you sell your property. The agent you hire will play a massive role in how quickly you sell the house. If you want to sell quickly and experience fewer problems and challenges, you will need to choose the right agent. Here are three mistakes people make when hiring a real estate agent that you should aim to avoid.

Choosing a Friend

If you have a close friend who works as a real estate agent, you might want to choose him or her to help you sell your home. While this is not always a horrible idea, it can be at times. Friendship is valuable, and you take on the risk of jeopardizing this relationship by hiring a friend. For example, suppose something in the deal goes wrong. Would you be hurt about this? Would you be able to move on? Could something like this end your friendship? As the saying goes, it is never good to mix business with your personal life, so you should consider the risks if you plan to hire a close friend as your agent.

Picking an Agent Based on Their Commission Rate

A second mistake to avoid is picking an agent based solely on the commission rate he or she offers. Agents have some room to move when it comes to the rates they charge, and a lot of people are tempted to choose an agent with a low rate so they can pay less money out when the house sells. Negotiating a rate is not a bad idea, but choosing an agent for his or her fee structure alone is not a good idea. You should look at more than the fee structure an agent charges when making the decision.

Selecting One Who Thinks Your House Is Worth More than It Really Is

Finally, if you interview several agents and choose one based on the value the agent places on your house, this too is a mistake. Choosing based on this factor does not mean your house is really worth that amount.

You should take your time when interviewing people for the job, and it is always a good idea to ask a lot of questions before finalizing your decision. Call a real estate company today to learn more.