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Tips for Finding Housing for Traveling Nurses Who Need Short-Term Rentals

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Travel nursing brings with it the excitement of living in an area new to you and the challenge of accepting a nursing assignment you want. One of the aspects of being a traveling nurse is finding travel nurse housing that meets your needs. Furnished housing is important, as is finding housing that doesn't require you to sign a year-long lease. You will want to find a location that is close enough to work that you don't have a complicated commute. Finding housing can take some time, but by searching online and looking at vacation rental sites or extended stay hotels, you can find housing for travel nurses that works for you.

Consider Vacation Rental Sites

With the influx of vacation rentals available online that include personal homes and apartments, you might be able to locate a short term rental that will be less expensive than a hotel room. You can negotiate with the owner of the property, and see what rental will cost for the months that you need it. During times where the number of tourists visiting the area is low, you might be able to secure a vacation rental that is comparable to the cost of a furnished apartment.

Look Online with Care

If a rental looks too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid answering ads that look amazing and seem to be less expensive than everything else around. It will help to work through a local real estate agent to find a furnished rental than to try and locate a rental space on your own. If someone requires you to send money before you see the space, this is another sign that the rental is too good to be true and should be avoided.

Looking at Long-Term Hotels

While a hotel that you rent by the day will be too expensive to be covered by your housing stipend, a long term stay hotel might be within your budget. Look for a long term stay hotel that has good ratings, and consider the proximity to work before you make your decision. Check online review sites so that you can learn about potential housing for traveling nurses.

Work with a real estate agent to find housing when you are a traveling nurse. They are going to know what areas are best for you, and which landlords have been good for those who want a short term rental.