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What Makes Townhome Living So Great

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Have you been looking to buy a home and are debating between a single-family home and a townhome? If so, you should learn about all of the great things about living in a new townhome.

Minimal Yard

Have you been unhappy not having a yard while living in an apartment but glad you didn't have to do any of the maintenance? A townhome is going to have the best of both worlds. You'll have a small outdoor yard that you can call your own, but it is not big enough that the maintenance will be too much to handle on your own. It is common for the townhome's HOA to even handle cutting the grass for all the yards, since it is impractical for every owner to have a lawnmower for their small yard. 

Community Amenities

Many townhomes are part of a community with other townhomes, which means that there are shared amenities that can be used between all of the units. For example, you may not have room for a swimming pool, but there will be a community swimming pool that you can use. There may even be amenities for things that you would not typically have in your yard, such as a tennis court. 

Minimal Maintenance

The amount of maintenance that you actually have to do for a townhome is going to be minimal, which is due to being part of an HOA. This is great for people that don't want to worry about maintaining the structure of their home. Things such as roof replacement are performed for the community as a whole with funds that were paid as part of the monthly HOA dues. All you need to know is that someone will take care of the maintenance for you. 

Vertical Layout

It is common for townhomes to have a vertical layout due to being in a smaller space. This creates a home layout that is separated, which can make it easier to live in as a family. Unlike a ranch-style home, bedrooms will be separated from the living room, kitchen, and other areas that can be quite noisy when other people are awake. 

Not sure if a townhome is going to be best for you? Work with your agent to help teach you more about this style of home. You may end up discovering that a townhome will work really well for your lifestyle and be a great fit for you.