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4 Benefits of Living in an Active Adult Community

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You've built your career and you've raised your family. Your large home is now an empty nest. If you're thinking about downsizing, you're probably wondering what your next move should be.

You know you aren't ready for the slower pace of a retirement community, but you also know you no longer want to spend your weekends mowing the lawn. An active adult community may be just what you're looking for. Here are four benefits of choosing housing for adults 55 and older.

1. Skip the Exterior Maintenance

While you are still relatively young, vibrant, and active, that doesn't mean you want to spend your free time raking the yard, shoveling snow, or painting the garage. When you choose to live in an active adult community, much of the exterior upkeep of your home is handled by others as a part of our monthly homeowner's association fees.

2. Mix and Mingle With Others Your Age

When you live in an active living community geared towards adults who are 55 or older, you are surrounded by people who are at the same stage of life you are. Their children are grown and gone and instead of focusing on building a career, many are more interested in building relationships with their peers. Whether you are single or married, you'll likely easily find common ground with others in your age group.

3. Enjoy a Serene Environment

Children are a wonderful thing, but once you've raised yours, you don't necessarily want to be surrounded with the unique challenges they can bring to the environment. When you live in an active living community for middle-aged adults, you won't need to listen to crying babies or teens blaring their music. While the community's grandchildren will certainly enjoy the occasional visit, you won't have to deal with children full-time.

You also won't need to deal with next-door neighbors who stay up partying all night or things like young adults revving their engines as they roar up and down the streets. This can make for a much more peaceful neighborhood.

4. Enjoy the Activities You Love

Most active adult communities have a lot of amenities geared towards the recreational activities you love or could learn to love now that you finally have the time to learn. For example, an active living community may be built on a golf course. It may have a recreation center with a gym and tennis courts. There may be plenty of groups to join, whether it is a book club or sewing circle. Active adult communities are a great way to move into the next stage of your life. 

To learn more about active adult communities like Del Webb Lake, contact a real estate agent in your area.