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Listing Your Home? What You Should Know About Finding a Buyer

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If you just made the decision to sell your house and are preparing to call a real estate agent, you probably have some questions about the process. One question many people have is how the process works. For example, how do real estate agents find buyers for homes? If you have questions about this, here are a few things to know.

Your Agent Is the Listing Agent

Selling a house is not an instant event. Instead, there are steps in the process, and step one is choosing your listing agent. The agent you hire is not necessarily the selling agent. In other words, the agent you hire lists the house, but any agent can sell the house. What this means is that you do not have to worry about how your agent will find a buyer, as this really is not necessarily your agent's job. Your agent's job is to list the house and market it like crazy.

Your Agent Markets the Home

The marketing efforts your agent completes provides a way for others to see the sale of your house. Through these marketing tactics, anyone who is looking for a house will have access to your home's listing. It is the advertising your agent performs that is most useful in the process of selling a home.

Anyone Can View the Property

Once your agent begins advertising the sale of your home, any buyer or agent can view your home. Each viewing goes through your agent, but your agent will not be present during these showings. Any licensed agent can set up an appointment to show your home to a prospective buyer.

Your Agent Earns a Commission No Matter What

Your agent will earn a commission on the deal no matter what, as long as someone buys your home. Agents do not receive their commissions until the deal closes, though. If your agent lists the house and finds the buyer, he or she will receive the full commission from the sale. If another agent sells your house, though, he or she is the selling agent. In this case, the listing agent and selling agent split the commission on the deal.

There are always people shopping for homes to buy, which means your agent does not have to go looking. People will come to him or her or to another agent for help. To start the listing process, call an agency today.