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Selling A Farm? 4 Reasons To Get Drone Shots

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When selling any property, it is so important to include plenty of photos in the listing. This allows house hunters to actually see what it is they might be buying. When you are selling a farm, photos are just as important, and there is a specific type of photos you should include: photos from a drone. Drone photographs captured by a device that soars high above the farm offer a few benefits when you are advertising the property.

They allow shoppers to see the entire property at once.

Farm properties can be huge. You might have 100 acres or more! You cannot possibly capture an image from the ground that shows this entire property. People may have trouble piecing together which photo comes from where if you only include individual photos of various parts. A drone can get high enough to capture the entire property in one shot. This will give buyers a better idea of where everything is when they later look at individual shots of different pieces of the property.

They show the roofs of buildings.

Replacing roofs is not cheap. When you have a farm with multiple buildings, there are multiple roofs, so their conditions become even more important to buyers. You probably do not want potential buyers actually climbing on structures to see the roofs in person. However, a drone shot can show the tops of the roofs, allowing sellers to see whether they need work or not.

They show the size and proportion of buildings.

When you look at photos of buildings from the ground, it can be tough to tell exactly how large those buildings are. And size is important when looking at farm buildings. It's important to know whether a particular building is large enough to store a few tractors or just big enough to store some hay. With an aerial drone shot, it's easier to tell the relative size of buildings since you can compare their footprint to those of trees and other elements with a pre-determined size.

They can be overlaid with property lines.

Out in the country where there are large tracts of land, it can be tough to know exactly where property lines are. This is definitely hard to convey in a photo unless you have a drone shot. You can overlay the drone shot with property lines so that buyers can see exactly where those lines are.

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