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Things to Consider When Looking for a Waterfront Home

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You may want a waterfront home as your main residence or for a vacation home. You may like to fish, swim, boat, or just sit on the shore and enjoy the water and its wildlife. When searching for waterfront homes for sale, it is important to remember that not all properties are the same. Some may be in a regulated community, while others are single properties. You need to understand any rules or regulations about the property. Here are a few things to ask when talking with a real estate agent about a potential purchase.

1. Docks

Whether you want a dock to sit on, to fish from, or to tie a boat to, you need to be sure that you will be able to have one built that will suit your needs. You may be allowed to build one type of dock, but not another. If you want a boat dock, you may also need a ramp and that may also need special permits or permission. The restrictions are not only for homes in a regulated community either. When you buy the property you may not have any rights to the water areas. While you can certainly use the water for swimming or whatnot, you cannot build on it.

2. Water

Not all water areas are the same. Some may not be a good place to go swimming. If there is heavy vegetation, the seaweed may have grown so that trying to swim in it could result in getting trapped. If you like to fish, make sure the water has things to fish for, ask if the area is regularly stocked or if there are only certain times of the year you'll have enough fish. When you plan on using a boat, make sure the area is deep enough for the vessel so you don't end up stuck somewhere. You also need to find out if the water has been condemned in the past, for what reason, and for how long.

As with any home, you will have a home inspection done. Make sure you pay attention to any flaws or defects, even if they seem small. The inspector should be one who is experienced with homes on the water A waterfront home may be your dream. However, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you do not ask the right questions and do a bit of research