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3 Preferences To Think About When You Look At Property For Your Retirement Years

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If you've recently retired and realize you need to downsize your home so your property is easier to manage, then you may be considering all your possibilities for a move. You may want an age-restricted condo where you can live the resort lifestyle or you might prefer to move to the country where you can have peace and space. Here are three things to contemplate when you're choosing a property for sale for your retirement years.

1. The Hobbies You Plan To Pursue

When you're no longer working, you'll have plenty of time to spend on hobbies you never had time for in the past. The type of hobbies you like could have an influence on the type of property you buy. If you want to take up gardening and raise backyard chickens, you'll either need a home in the country or move to a city that allows urban farming.

If you plan to be away from home a lot in your RV or flying around the world, then a condo might be ideal since you won't have to worry about any property upkeep while you're away. A golf or waterfront community might be perfect if you play golf or spend time boating. It's nice to have activities you love just outside your door or a short walk away so you can take advantage of them often.

2. If You'll Have Easy Access To Shops

You may drive and have no problems with transportation for years, but if you worry about being able to get to the store when you're older, then you may want a home or condo within walking distance or that's in a location where it's safe to ride a mobility scooter to the store. An age-restricted community might be set up perfectly for this concern by having a store on the grounds along with plenty of activities and places to eat. Then, you'll always have something to do and be able to get food and supplies without having to venture too far from home.

However, public transportation should be checked out too. If you move to a subdivision that's on the outskirts of the city, there may be no bus service and a taxi ride might be expensive if you need to do business downtown.

3. The People You Want To Live Around

Some people can't wait to move into an age-restricted community because they are generally quieter and safer when everyone living there is of retirement age. Consider if you would like that lifestyle or if you prefer living among mixed ages in a condo or single-family neighborhood. Even if you move to a senior community, you'll still be around kids occasionally since residents can have their grandkids visit. The benefit of living in a community with others of the same age is that you all have a lot in common and can form strong bonds of friendship. You may like the feeling that you have peers watching out for you or your spouse as you get older.