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Buying A Condo? 3 Things To Prioritize To Maximize Lighting Inside

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When you look at single-family homes, you may find that getting a lot of natural light inside is not that challenging because a house has windows on every side. In many cases, you will also find that every room has at least one window, which is exactly what you need to get natural lighting.

If you are interested in buying a condo and you are a little worried about not getting enough natural light to satisfy your wants and needs, you only need to get strategical with shopping. All it takes is prioritizing condos with certain features and qualities to maximize natural light inside.

Outdoor Space

Before you start looking at condos, you should make it a priority that you get one with an outdoor space. This can come in the form of a patio for garden level units or a balcony for any unit on the second floor or higher. Getting outdoor space is so important because this is where you will likely get a sliding glass door that brings in a lot of natural light where the door is open or closed.

Even if you put up floor-to-ceiling curtains to enjoy privacy on occasion, you will only need to pull them aside to get natural light as long as the sun is shining.


A crucial detail to pay attention to is the position of each condo. For instance, you will likely notice that south-facing condos are the ones that get the most natural light throughout the day. This happens because when the sun passes by, it will continue to bring light to south-facing windows.

Another way that you will be able to maximize natural light is by avoiding any obstacles such as nearby condo buildings. Ideally, you want to buy a condo that does not have tall buildings or trees outside the windows because they will certainly play a role in reducing natural light inside.


While a sliding glass door and proper positioning will help you enjoy the sunlight for most of the day, you should also consider the number of windows as well as their size. A room with a lot of windows or a couple of large windows can make up for not having the best positioning.

This makes it worth checking out every condo in person, especially on a sunny day. During these visits, you will be able to see how much natural light you can expect if you were to move in.

With these tips, you can look forward to getting plenty of natural light when you buy a condo. Of course, always mention any special accommodations that you desire, such as maximizing natural light, to your real estate agent, as they will be a great help in getting you the right condo for your budget.